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The summer holidays are [dh_tooltip text=”WordPress” url=”” type=”tooltip” position=”top” trigger=”hover”]Lisa Love did WordPress[/dh_tooltip]. Nullam hendrerit, augue eu tincidunt dignissim, sapien leo tincidunt turpis, id pharetra elit metus a nisl. Nullam a velit a ipsum dictum convallis at ac enim. Dressing for them can be significantly less so:

Packing light is always at a premium, but one never wants to feel high, dry, and seriously unstylish with all of the possible opportunities to pose for that most modern of vacation souvenirs, the fashionable Instagram.

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The fashion set stayed true!

The fashion set stayed true to their roots this week, whether that be swirling around the interior of a river boat in floor-length Giambattista Valli, à la Bianca Brandolini D’Adda, louchely leaning against the scenery in innately covetable summer classics in Positano, as Lisa Love did, or heading for the beach in Louis Vuitton resort denim hot pants and monogrammed Speedy in tow, as Marie-Amélie Sauvé did (oh, the access!).

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Bianca Brandolini

Natasha Poly took in the ocean breeze in Formentera in a voluminous caftan, while Caroline Trentini’s white tee, Vuitton skirt, and Stan Smiths in Sao Paulo were a decidedly more city-friendly take on early August style (and will certainly transition more easily into fall). And while we treasure these lazy, late summer days, fall—and its sartorial demands—is just around the corner:

For inspiration, look no further than little North West’s latest wardrobe addition, a clutch of pint-sized Balmain blazers that will have the tot segueing into the season sans problème.

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